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Pete Harris Heating and Plumbing installs bathrooms from any manufacturer, but holds accounts at Plumb Centre and City Plumbing. We also have a complete tiling service, verified by BTec and CITB tiling qualifications.


Pete Harris Heating and Plumbing installs new boilers and heating systems to energy efficiency classification. All new heating systems come with a govnt incentive of 5% VAT. We also install mains pressure unvented systems.


Pete Harris Heating and Plumbing service gas appliances to the highest quality. Also can supply gas safety records such as landlord gas safety checks. Pete Harris is a customer first Corgi engineer.


Power flushing a heating system has a bad name; the reason for this is scare mongering which has put people off this process. Sometimes depending on the age of the system and the chemicals used, this can deteriorate pipe work and radiators if the process isnít done correctly. Depending on the age of the system and the condition of the system, this will determine what types of chemicals are used.

Power flushing and cleaning the water within your heating system will not only save you money but preserves your boiler, radiators and pipe work for a longer period than if you didnít have it done. Just putting inhibitors in your system will not solve the problem of circulation and cold spots. Inhibitors last approximately 3 years. After this, sludge and scale will reduce the efficiency of your heating system.

To put this process in plain English, as a comparison you wouldnít have your car serviced without having your oil flushed and new oil put in. People generally have there boiler serviced every year but neglect the water within that system.

The process takes a whole day of which you will find an instant benefit.

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